Breakthrough Breathwork – Workshop

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Join Nico for a transformative Breakthrough Breathwork experience, where science meets spirituality.

Discover the power of breath and its profound impact on your nervous system as we delve into the science of how past events can shape our perception of reality, keeping us from truly experiencing the present moment.

Learn how trauma is stored in both body and mind and how intentional breathing can help access and release these emotional blockages.
Experience a breathwork journey that will guide you towards a state of discharge and expanded consciousness.
This workshop is designed to help you identify and let go of patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, allowing you to connect back with your body, release the garbage that no longer serves you, and help you experience what it is to live in a state of presence and surrender.

Duration: 2- 2.5hrs
Limited Spots Available

$75.00 incl. Tax

6 reviews for Breakthrough Breathwork – Workshop

  1. Lizz

    I found this breathwork workshop very transformative! Nico explained us the whole process we were about to go through and everything really well explained from a scientific perspective, which I liked a lot. The session included various breathing exercises that brought deep relaxation and emotional release. Highly recommended for anyone seeking mindfulness and be fully aware of the importance of breathing!!

  2. Victor

    Really recommended experience! If you are looking to understand what lies behind breathing through an scientific approach this is the workshop! Nico guidance was great, felt safe during the process.

  3. Irantzu

    I recently attended a holotropic breathwork session facilitated by Nico. The session began with a theoretical introduction, setting the stage for the transformative practices that followed. Guided beautifully and intentionally, we immersed ourselves in breathwork accompanied by evocative music, soothing essences, and gentle touches. This experience allowed me to connect deeply with my soul, release what no longer serves me, and expand beyond my limitations. It was a truly profound and enlightening journey.

  4. Stephanie

    Amazing experience with Nico..
    The whole breathwork felt timeless and intense…
    I felt safe, secure and free.
    After, the relief and joy of sharing that moment was very beautiful.
    Highly recomend.

  5. Jah

    Nico was very clear and informative on the whole breathing process we were about to experience and then experienced. Totally recommend this for everybody who want to connect closer to body mentally and physically.

  6. Mascha

    Transformative experience with such genuine and professional support. Loved everything about it. The knowledge and personalised support for each individual. Can’t wait to do more and can highly recommend to anyone.

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